Fokofpolisiekar – Tevrede? (Official)

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The video and the song have nothing to do with each other. Hunter Kennedy said that the song reminded him of something that could be used on a Super Sport advert.
We just wanted to make a music video about rugby and music. Something local & authentic. We always had this concept of organising an event where members of different bands get divided into two rugby teams, play a match and afterwards we have a braai and a gig where all the bands perform.
The best we could do is spend money, make jerseys and invite all our friends to partake in two nights of filming.
We had a lot of sandwiches and a lot of booze to keep everyone going.

But most important of all – Fokofpolisiekar won and this was the beginning of many battles to be won. Jesus Duiwe RIP.

Once again – thanks to all our friends that were part of this. It was two nights of hell (and fun). Good memories.