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South African Artist: Sonja Herholdt
Track 02 off her CD ‘Skipskop’ (1996) which was also released as a same-titled LP in 1996.

Sonja Herholdt was born in Nigel on 1 December 1952. She became Head Girl of both the Afrikaans medium Tienie Vorster Primary and John Vorster High School. She later obtained a diploma cum laude in Teaching after three years at the Johannesburg (Goudstad) College of Education. She gave up teaching to pursue music after meeting her future husband, FC Hamman, a young lecturer at the nearby Art School, who was also a freelance cameraman. The couple married in Januay 1976 and started a family of 4 children.
It was while FC was away filming an Afrikaans movie ‘Sarah’ that Sonja heard the song ‘Ek verlang na jou’ which she sang to him on his return. FC decided to include the song in the film and Sonja recorded it. Released as a single to coincide with the release of the film, the song became a cultural phenomenon and launched her hugely successful singing career. The impact of the song led to her receiving a ‘Sarie’ (South African Recording Industry) -Award for Best Female Singer for 1975. ’Ek verlang na jou ’ruled the contemporary music charts in SA for months and sales of more than 25 000 singles provided Sonja with her first Gold Record.
In 1976 her first LP,’Sonja ’, was released. She again received awards for Best Album as well as Best Female Singer. She received it in 1977 for her 2nd album, ’Sonja Herholdt’, in 1978 for the single, ’Trein na Matjiesfontein’, in 1979 for the album ’Waterblommetjies ’ and in 1980 for the LP ’Harlekyn ’. In addition, it was crowned Album of the Year. Raking in the Sarie-Award for Best Female Singer for six years in a row secured her a place of honour in the history of Afrikaans popular music, but also gave rise to such criticism in the press that Sonja decided to withdraw her entry for 1981, although she did receive the ’Papillion Rising Star Award’ as one of the top eight female achievers in South Africa. All in all, her record of eight Sarie-Awards is altogether extraordinary.
In 1979 she fulfilled a lifelong dream of becoming an actress by starring in the locally produced ’Sing vir die Harlekyn’ and received a Rapport Oscar-Award as Best Female Newcomer.
She later enjoyed music success in Europe and holds the distinction of being the first ever South African singer to be invited to perform in the Netherlands on their local Television. She recorded her song ‘Oberammergau’ in Dutch and it became a hit in the Dutch charts. She also performed in Belgium, pushing ‘Oberammergau’ into 5th place in the Belgian charts.
In 1989, following a move into the Gospel market, Sonja recorded a Gospel album ’The Warrior is a Child’.
In 1991 she received an award from the Afrikaans Chamber of Commerce in recognition of her extraordinary and unequalled contribution to the development and promotion of light Afrikaans music.
In 1993, Sonja’s youngest son, Timothy, developed an extreme hearing impairment and was, for all intents and purposes, declared deaf. She decided to start a school for hearing and linguistically impaired Afrikaans children in Johannesburg and taught there for five years.
In 1994, Sonja celebrated two decades in the music business with the release of her album ’ ‘n Ster Vanaand’. In 1996 Sonja released a Gospel album ’Môre sal die son weer skyn’ as well as a compilation album ’Skipskop ’.
In 1996 Sonja was involved in a serious car accident. She and her husband subsequently divorced after 21 years of marriage.
She released ’Ritsel in die Rietbos’ with Anton Goosen in 1998 but the sales were disappointing.
In 2000 she released the album ’Reconstructing Alice’, a profoundly personal and introspective musical journey. The album floundered commercially. Her traditional audience simply could not embrace so radical a change in musical direction.
In 2002 she developed her own record company, Son Music and released ‘Sonjare’, a nostalgic retrospective of her original hits.
Sonja is still hard at work applying her talents and abilities to whatever she takes on.

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