Nianell Q&A 4 January 2024

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???? We start the new year with an Inspiring Evenings With Nianell ????

This is the recording of a Free Q&A Zoom Session with Nianell held on Thursday 4 January 2024.

I’m excited to invite you to our upcoming FREE Q&A Live Event, a wonderful opportunity for us to reconnect and dive into empowering conversations on letting go so that you can prosper in your new year.

During this event, I am your host, offering valuable guidance, inspiration, and motivation to help you thrive in various areas of your life. And as we gather, I’ll also introduce you to the diverse range of courses I’ve created to support your journey.

Mark your calendar for my next session on:

? Friday, 9th January 2024
???? Time: 19:00 – 20:30

Please share this event with anyone you believe could find it valuable.

???????? Register here:

I am looking forward to embarking on this transformative journey with you. Together, we’ll embrace growth and empowerment!”
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