Michael Lowman – MixTape ft. Karlien Van Jaarsveld

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Karlien van Jaarsveld & I shot a little something for you guys a couple weeks back. We wanted to keep the same feel & vibe as the Lyric Video i released previously. What you’re about to watch is a completely impromptu performance that came together as a result of Karlien seeing the Lyric Video for the first time. She loved the concept so much so, that we filmed our very own, right then and there. One take, organic brilliance!

Spontaneity over Self-Restraint 😉

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Karlien Van Jaarsveld SM:

Twitter: @KarlienVanJ
Instagram: @KarlienVanJaarsveld
Facebook: @Karlien.Van.Jaarsveld

Michael Lowman SM:

Twitter & Instagram: @Michael_Lowman
Facebook: @MichaelLowmanMusic
Tumblr: michaellowman.tumblr.com

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Filmed By: Daisy May
Lighting: Joe Breytenbach
Editing: Michael Lowman
Song Artwork: Nena Maree
Artists: Michael Lowman & Karlien Van Jaarsveld
Directed By: Michael Lowman & Karlien Van Jaarsveld
Song Produced By: Michael Lowman & Howie Combrink