Busta Rhymes – Pass The Courvoisier Part II ft. P. Diddy, Pharrell

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Act a fool you better watch out (Uh-huh)
Hot shit be ringin the cops out (Come On)
Street niggas is ringin them shots out
Short circuits blacken the blocks out
Now open up the garage and pull the drops out
Rockin the fur coat bringin the blue fox out
Diamonds light up the block runnin the blue rocks out (Uh)
Wylin till all of my crew knocked out (Come On)
Get yo’ ass up on the floor (Huh!)
Throw ya hands if you wan’t some more (Ho!!!)
Baby, we’ll leave your crotch out
And peep the way we be blowin them spots out
Come on, look howwe got ’em ready to act out
Girl, I’m ready to give it twistin your back out (Let’s go)
Drink yack till a nigga fallin out
Flat on his back now watch a nigga crawlin out, talk to me

I said Busta (What’s up son?)
Leave them girl rollin….And it look like (Come on)
They asses is swollen (And they ass gettin big now)
But if your man baby sittin, then what you gon’ say
(What we gon’ tell ’em man?)
We gon’ tell that nigga (Pass the Courvoisier)
We gon’ tell that brotha (Pass the Courvoisier)
Everybody sing it now {Pass the Courvoisier}
Everybody sing it now {Pass the Courvoisier}
Waah oooooooooooo oh!!