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Music video by Early B performing Potte. © 2018 Universal Music (Pty) Ltd South Africa


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”Like myself, most people are a bit vrot after a busy year, so I hope this song and video makes the last stretch less intense and a bit more of a vibe. But guys, seriously… if you are going to party, don’t be a doos and rather get your ouma to drive you around if you decide to suip.
What is Bang Babbelas? It is that feeling when you wake up and you are on the verge of a panic attack. When you hear a loud sound you bekak yourself, when you hear Mariah Carey on the radio you start crying, when your phone rings your heart skips a beat, and so on. When one of my friends tell me they are Bang Babbelas, I know that the only cure is to buy them a puppy.”

*drink responsibly and don’t drink and drive*

Shot and Directed by Jaco S. Venter
Assistant Director: Andrew Davenport
Lighting design by Willem Foster & Franco Kellerman
Special Thanks to Sunshine Co, Fujifilm SA and Carsten, Heidi and Molly from Blah Blah Bar.

Here it is. The second music video off my latest and most blêrrie next-level album yet, titled ‘Afrika 4 beginners’.
I love this country, the people, the vibe, the cultures, the gees and mostly the beautiful cherries. Let me know what u think of this lekker gem by Hardy van Dee and Nathan Fourie.

‘My koningkryk’ and ‘Afrika 4 beginners’ is available on all digital platforms WORLDWIDE!

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Jack Parow does it again.


Jack Parow makes sweet, sweet love to your ears once again. All music and images are property of ? 2013 Parowphernalia and the one and only Jack Parow.


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Enigma Ace Films – @ryankrugerthing; A Ryan Kruger Thing; Produced by James Savage

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“WELCOME TO PAROWDISE”, a Journey through the last 4 years of my dangerous life. From Russia to Holland, England to Elsierevier, It is all here. Backstage danger, Onstage Shenanigans, Areoplanes to speedboats, drunk to drunker and all my mad fans and friends mixed in with a live show that exists out of Oppikoppi, Hatfield Square and The Assembly, interviews in my bathroom robe and all my music videos with English subtitles “vir die Souties”. So Enjoy it and chex if you can spot yourself at one of the shows. HOS JA!!
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Directed by: Thomas Ferreira & Duvan Dura
Editor: Alex Williams
Final Mix: Justin dE Nobrega
Colourist: Carlos Feyder

The Jack Parow Band:
Merwe Marchant Le Roux
Loki Rothman
Jade Neebe
Jansen Myburgh

Guest Performers:
Francois Van Coke
Pierre Greeff
Rufio Vegas
Dj Invizable
Die Heuwels Fantasties

Tour and Festival Footage Shot by: Thomas Ferreira
Interviews Shot by: Duvan Durand & Thomas Ferreira
Hatfield Square sound & Multitrack Recording: Sound Stylists

The Assembly Camera Crew:
George Loxton
Deon Van Zyl
Wesley Joao Ferreira
Arno Kruger

The Assembly Sound Engineer & Multitrack Recording:
Tyronne Munnik

Music Video Subtitles: Dylan Muhlenberg
Post Production: The Institute Of Amazing Shit
Post Production Producer: Dana Van Vreden

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Simon is the singer for futuristic funk Dutch trio De Likt. More about De Likt here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfk164mucJ3uijfaG2f2Z8A

Lead Animator: Malan De Kock (http://malandekock.blogspot.co.za/)
Clean-up Animator:Keegan Thornhill (http://cosmiconionring.blogspot.co.za/)
Backgrounds: Keenan Gaybba (http://kgillustrations.tumblr.com/)


De Kraaien: Bernd Gansebev en Prins clit in Paanham
facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dekraaien
twitter: https://twitter.com/De_Kraaien
site: www.dekraaien.nl

Jack Parow
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jackparow
twitter: https://twitter.com/jackparow
site: www.jackparow.com

edit, production and camera: Detlef Villerius – Tividorfabriek

Gansebev en de Prins in Paan
hooken op met die Afrikaan
Je kan het allemaal niet verstaan
Maar t komt allemaal hier vandaan
Wat hoort me oor
Wat komt er nou door
Je heb t zelfde gerochel voor hetzelfde geouwehoer als bij ons en dat ligt lekker goed in me gehoor

Want jij bent thuis gek je praat die gekke ouwe Nederlandse taal gek
Die wause shit die uit jouw bekkie komt is lauw gek
En bij De Kraaien in t huis ben je op je plek gek
Dus kom maar door Jack

Vang kattekwaad aan
Lekker uit je plaat gaan
Trash je fucking dans baan
Spring op en staan saam

Yo Parow’s back
Die ge-skill’de ill’de fokken rympie killer.
Die man is terug nou hang jou klein kinders weer uit met die reptiele,Piele!
Dis mooi man, Jan van Riebeek rap nou saam die Khoisan
Toyi-Toyi van Kaapstad allie fokken pad tot Nederland
I could swear that it said Coffee Shop. I think that that signs not right.
I came out high as fuck, but I only went in for a Flat White.
That’s right, It wasn’t my fault. Ek’t nie geweet daar’s iets verkeerd nie,
ma nou het ek heel aand gedans op techno en ek’t nie eers geweet nie

Purchase / stream the Dis Hoe Ons Rol single or the UNCENSORED album on iTunes NOW: http://smarturl.it/dhor
Purchase / stream the Dis Hoe Ons Rol single or the CENSORED album on iTunes NOW: http://smarturl.it/dhorvloekvry

‘Dis Hoe Ons Rol’ is a TV series produced for kykNET (DSTV channel 144). The first episode of 10 premiered on 1 July 2016. If you live outside South Africa you can watch ”Dis Hoe Ons Rol’ on Showmax.

Music video edited by Jaco ‘Snakehead’ Venter.

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I Miss: One of the best singles of Jack Parow’s album. Listen en enjoy!

Here it is. My most gevaarlikste single ever ft Dirt Nasty and the Jägermeister Stag (the crazy bachelor). Download Fok Fokkity Fok NOW or the full double album titled Nag Van Die Lang Pette from iTunes stores worldwide.

Special thanks to Jägermeister.

Animated by: Keenan Gaybba and Keegan Thornhill

Director : Thomas Ferreira

Production Company : Ten10 Films

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Jack Parow / Twitter : http://twitter.com/jackparow

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Special thanks to Red Bull Studios Cape Town and http://www.omnico.co.za/go-pro for the support and making this video possible.

Music Video by Ruan Vermeulen.

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Special thanks to NIXON, PUMA & RAYBAN.

Produced by Freakscene – www.freakscene.co
Directed, shot and edited by Johan Beukes
Art direction and graphic design by Ste(A)k
Grade by Searle Street Post Production
Assistant: Jamie O’Brien
BMCC camera supplied by Photohire – www.photohire.co.za

Special Thanks:
Pietersen familie

MK and MetropolitanRepublic presents a Groundglass production, Directed by Duvan Durand
Track produced by HAEZER and Justin de Nobrega
Copyright: Supra Familias

Never Gonna Grow Up on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/za/album/never-gonna-grow-up-feat./id1020953796

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Production Company: Giant Films
Director: Peri van Papendorp
Producer: Laura Sampson
Cinematographer: Vicci Turpin
Art Director: Laurence Bishop
Editing Company: Deliverance Post
Editor: Lucian Barnard
Grade & Online: David Oosthuizen

Giant Films thanks:
Scar Hair
Media Film Service
Zootee Studios
Karlage Unit Gear
Ronnie’s Rentals
Rolling Rentals

Musicvideo for the Afrikaans superstar rapper Jack Parow…directed and edited by Duvan Durand from Chemistry101!! COOLER AS EKKE!!!
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