Van Coke Kartel, “Buitekant II”


Production House: Groundglass
Artist: Van Coke Kartel
Director: Thomas Ferreira
Producer: Janette De Villiers & Debra Stubbs
Cinematographer: Caleb Heymann
Camera Operator: Caleb Heymann
Film Editor: 187 collective
Costume designer: Heidi Riss
Grip: Kgomotso Ramokoka
Gaffer: William Tshipape
Aerial cinematography: Helimedia
Additional crew: Khyle Smith (Focus Puller)




Somer is die seisoen wat almal herrinner aan vakansie, sonskyn en samesyn. Dit is ook die tyd van die jaar waar vrugte en groente op hul beste is. Nataniël wys ‘n verskeidenheid disse wat spesiaal vir die seisoen geskep is. ‘n Vrolike, tog deftige gedekte tafel is die perfekte ding om die kleurvolle en smaakvolle somerkos op uit te stal.

Music video by Manie Jackson performing Nog Net Een Keer. (C) 2017 Sony Music Entertainment Africa (Pty) Ltd – Select Music, a division of Sony Music Entertainment Africa (Pty) Ltd

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Music video by Ricus Nel, Adam Tas performing Don Williams/Johny Cash Medley. (C) 2017 South Africa – Sony Music Entertainment Africa (Pty) Ltd, under Select Musiek a division of Sony Music Entertainment Africa (Pty) Ltd

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Artist: HemelBesem
Title: YMCMBesem
Album: YMCMBesem


A Careface Production
Directed & Edited by Arno de Haas
Camera by: Arno de Haas & Klaas van Egdom

The song By My (With Me) by Karin Hougaard from her DVD and album HARTSTUKKE. Edith Leerkes on guitar. Written by Karin Hougaard and Anne van Veen the song has also been covered by Paul de Leeuw and Herman van Veen in various languages.
This recording dates back to 2006.

Directed by Christian Wolf
Music video by Ray Dylan performing Vir Ewig Jonk. (C) 2017 Sony Music Entertainment Africa (Pty) Ltd – Select Music, a division of Sony Music Entertainment Africa (Pty) Ltd

Pa se land remix

Written in Berlin in the Summer of 2013 by Piet Botha. Recorded in South Africa August 2014. Piet Botha on Vocals & Guitar, Arthur Dennis on Guitar. Rudolph Dennis on Drums and Vocals. Adrian John Graham on Bass. Recorded and produced by Peter Pearlson With Charl Wentzel assisting. Footage of their Tour with Freygang in East Berlin.


Please go to the following website to hear Koos Kombuis singing this song. You will also find the full lyrics in Afrikaans.

Dozi left out, what I see to be a rather critical section of this song, the first 4 lines of the second stanza. It put the emphasis on his dream, and its absence leaves a vacant gap in the story. I have heard people say that Dozi sounds as though he is suffering “Dronkverdriet”, a highly descriptive word for somebody who is suffering the after effects of an alcoholic binge. This would sound correct for this kind of song, as it is perfectly portrayed in this way by DOZI. His wonderfully rough voice paints a very vivid picture of the story playing out in the mind of the man who loved his Lisa many, many moons ago. He still speaks of his love for her in the present tense, even though the song portrays that it all happened when he was a young man. It is also clear that our hero is down and out on his luck, having ended up as a homeless person on the streets of wherever he is now. His poignant memories, told as if in the present tense, are sweet, haunting and bitter. They are memories of long ago, but they are his memories, and they are clear in his imagination.

I have attempted to translate this song into English. My translation is NOT a direct translation, nor have I tried to make it so. I have attempted to put across to my viewers the sadness, pain. sorrow and other nuances evident in this song, so I have not always used the words used in Afrikaans, directly translated into English. One example would be in the first stanza, where I have used the word “secrets” instead of the words “road”, or “way”, or “path”, which would be a more direct translation. The song denotes that Lisa is unlocking the secrets within the black and white keys under her fingers. However, because of the gorgeous nature of the Afrikaans language, the word “road” or “pathway” into the black and white keys is equally beautiful in THAT language, but is not sensible in English. It just does not translate well into English.

Two words I did not want to translate at all. They were the uniquely South African expression for the homeless, “bergie”, and the use of the word “moan” as it relates to the neighbours grumbling at Lisa’s playing after the midnight hour. I lived in Orange Street back in 1974 when I first got married, and on quiet nights when I played the piano in our landlord’s home, the sound reverberated all over the place as Table Mountain acts as a catch for the sounds and causes an echo.

I did, however, translate the word moan, by slightly changing the meaning of the sentence, using the words “growling neighbours”. In Afrikaans the word “moan” is not a true Afrikaans word. It is an English word incorporated into the Afrikaans to make a point. It does it well in this song. In this context it actually means to “grumble like crazy”, in this case, because of Lisa’s midnight indulgence on her piano.

Another word I did not directly translate was the Afrikaans word “stil”, which means “quiet”. I decided to use the noun form of the word “still”, instead of the more direct translation using the word “quiet”. Using the noun form in a sentence would render it so, “The STILL of midnight”. It has a sweeter sound and fits the story in the song more poignantly than the word “quiet”.

I would love to hear your ideas on how I have translated this song. I did translate with the idea in mind that it could be sung in the English too. That was slightly more difficult to accomplish, however, I hope you like what I did with it. Your comments and thoughts would be most appreciated.
Thank you
Afrikitty (Liz)

A live video recording of the Afrikaans song ‘Ek Kan Weer Droom’ by the artist Jasmyn. It was recorded at the Atterbury Theatre in Pretoria, South Africa in September 2012.

Lekker afrikaanse musiek

The Best of John Berks fun calls
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1. Pik Botha
2. Car seat Muff
3. Health shop
4. Noeleen Maholwane- Sangqu
5. Italian hair dresser
6. Baby Jake
7. Lucky Classified Advert
8. Felicia Unsuttle
9. Cricketers (Boucher & Hansie)
10. Sol Kerzner & President Reagan
11. Comair air steward
12. Indian Waiter
13. TV Repair
14. Japanese car repair
15. Simon the Gardener
16. Mrs Hunter’s radio commercial
17. Gay marriages
18. Passenger on the Achille Lauro
19. Tony Johnstone
20. Chicken Sh***
21. Sandton toilets

Nicholis Louw se Ek Wonder!

Dans Dans Lisa se eerste show in Potchefstroom. Daar was 3500 eerstejaars studente.

Music video by Steve Hofmeyr performing Feeslied. (C) 2017 Coleske Artists

This is the first track of our latest release titled Selfmedikasie.
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Directed by Ruan Vermeulen
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“If you want to change the world, go home and love your family.” These words by Mother Theresa ring true to me and my family and connects with the scripture Josh. 24:14, “as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.”

In this new official music video of “Ek En My Huis” (translated “me and my house”) I sing with my own family and we asked South African families to send in their home videos of them singing along to the chorus of the song. And this is the result! Please enjoy, and share it with your family and friends.

Produced, directed and edited by: Heinz Winckler
Crew: Konstand Spies and Winckler family

P&C: 2016 Next Music

Music video by Refentse performing Oom Faan se plaas. (C) 2016 SME Africa (Pty) Ltd

Valiant at the cottage club 12 November 2011

The glamorous celebrity wedding of Michael Jackson’s former bodyguard and martial arts celebrity Matt Fiddes and Popstar Moniqe Fiddes. Held July 28th 2012 in South Africa. Owners of Matt Fiddes martial arts schools and MFdance, Fiddes rooms. And soon MF performing arts!