Show: I’ll be your substitute

Music video by Ray Dylan performing Warm Girls En Koue Bier. (C) 2015 SME Africa (Pty) Ltd

A stunning song by Danie Niehaus!!
This should be the played as an Anthem just before the South African Springboks play their matches.
Karin Kortje on Pasella

Dans Dans Lisa se weegawe van Dirk van der Westhuizen se “Supercool”.

Lekker afrikaanse musiek

I hold no rights to the music or lyrics of this song, which remain the intellectual property of the composer, performers and producers. I have merely added visuals to enhance its message.

Ralph Rabie (better known as Johannes Kerkorrel) was South Afrca’s most gifted composers & performers of popular music. A leader of the Afrikaans Alternative movement, he enjoyed nothing more than taking the mickey out of the Apartheid establishment. This song laments the South African Broadcasting Corporation’s continual airing of programming that flattered PW Botha, “Die Groot Krokodil” who ruled SA with an iron fist from 1978 – 1989.

Produced, Directed & Edited by Francis Gavin
DoP Garreth Fradgley
Featuring Taryn Sudding, Matias Dias, Nurit Graaf & Francis Gavin
Special Thanks to Justis de Jager and CCHQ

DOP: Garreth Fradgley
Production Design: Tamara Osso & Quinton Williams
Wardrobe & Make Up: Tandi Meikle

Die eerste sing van Radio Kalahari Orkes se nuwe album “Heuningland” Die song is deur Rian Malan geskryf en deur Dan Roberts opgeneem.

Vanaf Anders se nuutste album #Ek Onthou. Die lied was ook deel van die film Knysna.

Geskryf deur: Wynand & Lindi Delport
Video: André Velts
Music Producer: Wynand Delport
Finale Meng: Stefan Swart
Dromme: Jason Moser
Bass Kitaar: Rixi Roman
Alle ander instrumente: Wynand Delport

This is a speech by Steve Hofmeyr about the Afrikaner and the crime situation in South Africa. We recorded this video at the annual music festival hosted at the Voortrekker Monument by AfriForum on the 2nd November 2013 for Pretoria against the government’s attempts to change its name. If this does not move you, you are either not an Afrikaner or don’t understand Afrikaans.

The recording was done by Riana Krige with a handheld camera.

South African Artist / Suid Afrikaanse Sanger: Mathys Roets
Track 07 off his CD ‘Die tyd sal leer’ (2002)

Mathys Roets het sy musiekloopbaan in 1989 begin toe hy met sy kitaar in die hand, in ‘n winkelsentrum in Pretoria, vir fooitjies gesing het. In 1996 maak hy ‘n belangrike deurbraak met sy debuutproduksie op die KKNK. In hierdie vertoning, Nokturne, sing hy die musiek van Koos du Plessis. Die musiek van Koos du Plessis het Mathys, met sy donker fluweelstem, soos ’n handskoen gepas.

Deur sy loopbaan het Mathys bekendheid verwerf vir sy sielvolle vertolkings van die wêreld se mooiste ballades, veral die musiek van Leonard Cohen, Roger Whittaker en Neil Diamond.

Die pad wat hy gestap het, was nie maklik nie. Hy het harde bene gekou, self luidsprekers rondgedra en van restaurant na restaurant gegaan om daar te sing, maar toe hy uiteindelik raakgesien word, het dinge behoorlik vir hom vlam gevat.

Op 6 April 2009, op pad na die KKNK in Oudtshoorn, ry Mathys met sy geel BMW-motorfiets van die pad af. Dae lank hang sy lewe aan ? draadjie en uiteindelik reik die Rosepark Hospitaal ? verklaring uit: Mathys is verlam. Ten spyte van hierdie terugslag, besluit Mathys om vorentoe te kyk en steeds voluit te leef.
(Uit die voorwoord van sy boek ‘Steeds Mathys’ … die inspirerende lewensverhaal van Mathys Roets)

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Om te stem vir “Staan op” SMS “LIED 5” na 33158 met jou naam en van. R1.50 per SMS.

Music video by Manie Jackson, Fredi Nest performing Fire within Me. (C) 2015 SME Africa (Pty) Ltd

Hemelbesem will be MC’ing the Camphill Village festival! A Note about the festival! ‘the people at Camphill is “intellectually disabled” NOT “Mentally disabled”’

Written, Produced, Shot, Edited and Finished by Donovan Fourie

Singer, Songwriter, Composer. The Infinitely talented Etienne Steyn is a nice guy to boot. This was the second video we shot for Etienne. The video was shot in several places in and around Pretoria with the night scenes shot on the steps of the President’s offices.

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Hi Friends,

Just a little background on this song. What you hear is the one and only take without pre-thought of words or music. My writing partner Armand AJ Dionne Jr wanted to test out his new microphone. He started to play the piano and I proceeded to sing, after 2:58 seconds of inspiration, Freedom was born. Everyone’s idea of Freedom is different. What does Freedom mean to you? I hope you like it, please share… Gordi

Special thank you to Tyrone Reveen for consulting and providing the very special effects colour flames behind Gordi’s portrait.
Special thank you to Gloria Yazdani for the use of her UPC bar prison image.

Bosson feat Elizma Theron -One in a million

Factory (Live at Emperors Palace) CD/ DVD:,30033753
Cathedral Live:,8899896
By Birth:

Act 2:
Factory (Live at Emperors Palace):
Sy’s Al Wat Ons Het:
Act 1:
I Wear White:
Slow Tear:
Dance ’til I Break:
Will He Weep:

Stadsboer’ perform “We Own The Night by Lady Antebellum” LIVE in the at Expresso penthouse.

Music video filmed by Danie Bester and David Pienaar

From the 2008 album Bloedrivier

Literal translation: Fuckall Song

Welkom op die airport, dit is die jaar 2010
Ek neem aan julle is hier om sokkergames te sien
Ons het nou eindelik ‘n kans om vir die wereld iets te wys
Van ons vriendelike democracy so maak jouself maar tuis

Fokol petrol, fokol diesel, fokol tv, fokol krag,
fokol water in jou whisky
Fokol jokes om voor te lag,
fokol pille by die kliniek
fokol dokters as jy vra
fokol ouens om die vullis op jou pavement weg te dra

Welkom in Suid-Afrika
Ja, welkom in Suid-Afrika

Op linkerhand sien jy die ruins van Distrik Ses,
Op regterhand ‘n skollie met ‘n knuppel en ‘n mes
Sorry oor die airportbus wat alweer ‘n bietjie laat is
Sorry oor die potholes wat nog altyd in die straat is
Ons wil baie graag dit opfieks maar die workers het gestaak
En net toe ons daai kak uitgesort het, het ons Eskom power weer opgeraak

Fokol treine, fokol taxis, fokol geld en fokol jobs
Fokol robots wat nog werk
En fokol traffic cops
Jy kan maar kla en kla
Maar dit help niks, dit help niks
So fokken baie fokol in Suid-Afrika
Ja, daar is so fokken baie fokol in Suid-Afrika

Maar anyway, welkom in Suid-Afrika
Ja ja, welkom in Suid-Afrika

Ons het ‘n moerse stadion hier langs die see gebou
Want ons is finished met apartheid en oranje-blanje-blou
Net jammer daars niks geld nie
Elke dorp het nou ‘n nuwe naam
en moenie worry oor die squatterkamp net langs die sokkerveld
Ons is ten minste nie meer skaam nie

Nou gaan almal saamsing, die laaste versie:
Fokol fokol
fokol fokol
fokol fokol…

Welcome on the Airport
It’s the year 2010
I assume you hear to see the football (“soccer games”)
We’ve finally got a chance to show the world something
of our friendly democracy
So make yourself at home

Fuck all petrol
Fuck all Diesel
Fuck all gas
And fuck power
Fuck all water in your whiskey
Fuck jokes to laugh about
Fuck pills at the clinic
Fuck all doctors if you ask
Fuck all guys to carry away the rubbish on your pavements
Welcome in South Africa
Welcome in South Africa

On your left hand guv(1), you’ll see the ruins of district six
On your right a vagabond with a club and a knife
Sorry about the airport bus which is a bit late again
Sorry about the potholes that are always in the street
We very much wanted to fix them, but the workers went on strike
And just when we got that shit sorted out, the Eskom(2) power ran out again

Fuck all gardens
Fuck all taxis
Fuck all money
And fuck all Chocs(3)
Fuck all robots(4) which still work
And fuck all traffic cops
Fuck all houses in the townships
It doesn’t help to complain
There’s so much fuck’n fuck all in South Africa
Welcome in South Africa
Yesssss, yes, yes
Welcome in South Africa

We built a massive stadium, were next to the sea – touch wood
We are finished with Apartheid, and the orange white and blue(5)
Every town has now got a new name, just a pity there’s no money
And erm don’t worry about the squatter camp right next to the football field
Mandela was our first President, he now a little old
Mbeki(6) followed him, that was probably our first mistake
They are toi-toing(7) all over the place
And they sing Um sini wami, in the meantime get you bathing suit on
because here comes the Zuma( stunami

Fuck all,Fuck all,Fuck all…

(1) Larni is an Indian word meaning important person, like the English use the term guv’nor
(2) Eskom is the only utility company providing electricity in South Africa
(3) Chocolate
(4) Traffic lights
(5) Colours of the Apartheid era flag of South Africa
(6) Previous South African president
(7) Protest marching and dancing – African style

As jy direk vertaal van Afrikaans na Engels werk dinge soms nie so lekker uit nie. Geskryf en Opgeneem deur Pierre Rossouw en Noulen Basson op n Reendag, verveeld en niks beter om te doen nie.

“Rosie” is die tweede single vanaf Jan Blohm se album “7 Jaar”. Vervaardig deur vphFilms (011) 823 1771 Aardvark Records Directed: Michael van Zyl Executive Producers: Kobie Koen en Alfred Hoyer DOP: Philip van Zyl ZA US UK GER AUS

P&C Anton Goosen T/A Bushrock Music under exclusive license to The Orchard (World-wide digital)